Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose Have Plenty Of Time To Make Up For Slow Start

By Jon Keller
Derrick Rose
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

If the NBA season was only three games long, the Chicago Bulls would be in serious trouble as they are currently sitting at a disappointing record of 1-2.

The Bulls’ lone win this season came against the New York Knicks where they saw their double-digit second-half lead disappear right before their eyes. They ended up winning the game by one point thanks to Derrick Rose’s go-ahead basket in the game’s closing seconds.

For the most part, that has been the lone highlight of Rose’s season thus far as he is struggling quite a bit to say the least. Rose is shooting 28 percent from the field while turning the ball over more than five times a game this season.

Three games into the season, things are not going as planned for the Bulls; but guess what? The NBA season is 82 games long, not three. So while the Bulls look quite rusty right now, I think it is far too early to hit the panic button. They have nowhere to go but up, and as their core group of players continue to learn to play with one another, they will soon turn into the force that everyone expected them to be.

It is important to remember that the Bulls’ starting lineup entered the season having never played a game together. The plan was for them to get acclimated to one another during the preseason, but due to injuries to Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, this did not happen.

Instead, they must learn to play together on the fly and make important adjustments as the season progresses. Luckily, the season is long and they have plenty of time to make the necessary improvements.

With former MVP Rose and Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau leading the team, there is no doubt in my mind that Chicago will rebound from their shaky start. With both Rose and Noah making up for time missed during either last season or this preseason, it is somewhat expected that the Bulls are a going to be bit out of tune three games into the season.

The NBA playoffs don’t start for more than five months, and I have a feeling Chicago’s record and Rose’s field goal percentage will be much better by then.

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