Chicago Bulls: Where's the Defense?

By Candice Connell
Chicago Bulls
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Where on earth did that gritty, tough Chicago Bulls defense that we all love disappear too? I don’t know where it went, but the Bulls’ need to find it — fast. Defense has been their team’s identify from since Tom Thibodeau took over as Chicago’s head coach. That is why the Bulls are revered among the the best teams in the NBA. Every night they play you know it’s gonna be defense first, attacking from all angles, giving the team no breathing room to shoot.

As the start of the new NBA season finally kicked off, it seems like the Bulls have lost their reflection. You can tell in how this team plays that they are trying to desperately get it back. The interesting thing is they don’t seem to realize that their reflection and their defensive identity is not that hard to get back too. This Bulls team is simply trying too hard. We’re used to seeing them play with a sense of poise and confidence in their steps. Chicago needs to get back to the basics of their team dynamics starting with defense.

Sometimes the simplest of remedies are the ones that get rid of the ailment. And for this Bulls team the key to them getting out of this early season rut is less is more. If they want to return to the Bulls’ team of old, they’re going to have to get back to their defensive structure and mindset. Once they get this down the rest will follow, and this slow start will seem like a bad dream.

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