Is Anthony Bennett a Good Fit For The Cleveland Cavaliers?

By kennethbrown

The Cleveland Cavaliers love surprises, and they love to do things their own way. They certainly shocked the NBA world when on June 27, 2013, they selected Canadian forward Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 overall draft pick. Some praised this risky move, but some instantly suggested he would struggle and become yet another NBA Draft bust.

The Cavaliers knew they weren’t getting the finished product. Not that their current superstar Kyrie Irving was the finished product, but he had something special, something that allowed him to become an instant success despite his past injuries. It’s this same spark that Bennett appears to lack.

The season may only be three games young and there’s every chance Bennett could be a great NBA player one day, but that time appears to be far away. In his first three games he played limited minutes and averaged 0.7 points and four rebounds per game. That’s hardly good enough for a top draft selection, but the good thing is he can only improve from these kind of struggling statistics. A fourth game at home would provide the perfect opportunity for Bennett to score, but again he failed to get his first NBA basket.

The Cavaliers have started the season with one win and two losses, proving their aspiring playoff hopes may be unachievable this season. If they are to play April basketball in 2014 then they need consistency and an input from across the roster, including the 20-year-old Bennett.

It’s obvious Bennett has all of the tools to make the transition from college to professional basketball, but most drafted talents have that potential. It’s whether he can work hard enough and improve, showing the commitment previous slow starters such as Tyler Zeller and Tristian Thompson have shown for the Cavaliers.

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