NBA Preview: Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers

By Candice Connell
Derrick Rose
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls have a chance to recover and get back to where they need to be when they face the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. The Pacers, who are off to a hot 3-0 start, are currently at the top of their division. Even though Derrick Rose said that there wasn’t a rivalry between the two teams, the Bulls do need to prove that they can take out the Pacers, especially since their in the same division. Like it or not, because of the absence Rose had due to his ACL injury, Chicago needs to prove themselves once again to be a top contender in the East and the entire NBA.

If the Bulls begin this game with a solid defensive presence, they definitely have this victory in the bag. Whenever Chicago plays with defense in mind first, their offense automatically sets in and the game becomes easier for the Bulls. With Roy Hibbert down in the post for Indiana, Joakim Noah is going to have to get off to an early offensive start. Every player on the Bulls is going to have to step up collectively to get a solid win as a team. Even though Rose might not look like himself yet, as the Bulls play in more games together, win or lose, it will help bond the players closer together. Rose will come back;  just when we least expect it, he will pour down like rain that not even a weather man can predict.

After a tough loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago has to prove that they are a better team than what has been shown so far this season. It’s time for the Bulls to get out of the cage and run wild, knocking out every team in their path!

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