Point Guard Shane Larkin Returns To Practice for the Dallas Mavericks

By Dave Daniels
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Shane Larkin went down with an injury you could almost feel the collective sigh come from Dallas. It has been rough going out in Big D, and ever since the championship there has been one foul decision after another.

Mark Cuban’s actions during the Deron Williams recruitment were absolutely horrrendous, and Cuban honestly gets what he deserves here. It does not stop me from feeling really bad for Dirk though; he did get his ring and have his moment. It just feels weird that he is no longer a relevant player; is it wrong I want the Mavs to trade him?

Thanks to the tweet below for the update and here is hoping Larkin can give Dirk some help this year, because it was rough going last year.

Larkin lit up the ACC last season, but there are questions about his size and if he is injury prone that is not a great sign. He is the son of Major Leaguer Barry Larkin so you can bet that we will be rooting for the young man here at Rant Sports. Dirk could certainly use some help, and if you cannot love that furry German then you just do not love basketball. You feel me folks? If not no worries.

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