Head Coach Mike Brown Says "It Was Exciting To See Him Out There" About Andrew Bynum

By Dave Daniels

Andrew Bynum actually saw some court time, and though I am shocked am also hopeful that the center can bring something to the table for Kyrie Irving and company.

Thanks to the tweet below, which was quite an excellent piece by Alex Kennedy.

Mike Brown certainly liked what he saw, but the coach also believes Bynum can get even better than he was looking tonight.

“I thought he was good,” Brown said after the game. “He kept asking me, ‘Coach, I can give you three more minutes here.’ He looked good. You can tell we’re a different team when he’s out there. The ironic part is I coached him for a year in L.A. and he still has room to grow. You guys only saw a taste of what he can bring to the table for our team. It was exciting to see him out there, not only for myself but for all the coaches, players and fans.”

We will have to see if this is fool’s gold, or if Bynum is going to help with a playoff push here. Only time will tell, but you can bet that I will keep an eye on the situation and alert you if there are any major changes. Thanks for reading folks.

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