Los Angeles Clippers' JJ Redick's Fast Start Bolstering Their Offense

By christopherbrown
Gary A. Vasuez USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Clippers shooting guard JJ Redick got off to another fast start in Monday night’s blowout win against the Houston Rockets. Since becoming a Clipper, the former Orlando Magic guard has been the most consistent scorer not named Chris Paul in this early regular season.

The Clippers walked off the floor with a 12-point halftime lead while matching a team record 78 points. Redick’s fast start bolstered the Clippers and their scoring frenzy, running defenders through a maze of screens for a team-high 15 points in the first quarter.

Redick’s activity and efficiency opened carpool lanes to the basket, freeing his backcourt leader, Paul, to continue to define basketball philanthropy by handing out a season high 17 assists.

Redick is exceeding expectations as a Clipper. Always a noted shooter, Redick is also wearing down defenses who struggle to keep tabs on the constant moving sniper. In turn he’s making himself less of a liability on defense because of the workout he’s putting his match-up through on the offensive end of the floor.

The Rockets’ James Harden is the best shooting guard in the league, yet he only managed to account for 16 points for the Rockets in the loss against the Clippers who have been playing better as defensive unit. The Rockets’ center Dwight Howard is not a threat to score from the perimeter, allowing the Clippers to pressure Harden into a heavily guarded basket.

Head coach Doc Rivers‘ defensive sermon seems to be making this Clipper team see the light, but in their win Monday night it was the chasing of Redick that wore the Rockets into their first loss of the season.

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