Miami Heat: What to Make of Michael Beasley’s Limited Appearance

By Jared Doyle
Tom Szczerbowski- USA Today Images

The Miami Heat’s victory over the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night had a few special moments. LeBron James set a record of 500 consecutive games of at least 10 points, plus the Heat managed to break the .500 mark, sitting 3-2 in the standings now as well. One of the most overlooked moments though from last night’s game was the first regular season appearance of Michael Beasley.

In just four minutes of limited play, Beasley hit two 3-pointers, plus blocked a shot. The only reason Beasley saw playing time was due to the absence of Chris Bosh (whose wife was having their second child) and Shane Battier’s early foul trouble, which is unfortunate because Beasley has been playing at a high level since entering the Heat’s training camp.

These next few weeks are going to be crucial for Beasley in terms of receiving quality minutes. With so many players ahead of him in the rotation, it will be hard for Beasley to find consistent playing time. This is why Beasley has to be as efficient as possible on both ends of the floor to impress Erik Spoelstra enough to give him more than a measly four minutes a game.

Beasley has the ability to be a quality frontcourt role player for the defending champs. His accuracy from beyond the arc is also another reason why the Heat signed the disgruntled former number two overall pick. The Heat, when combating some of the larger teams in the league, can use Beasley’s floor spacing abilities. This is another reason why you have seen Bosh shooting so many three pointers. It’s all about spacing, and Beasley is just another weapon at the Heat’s disposal.

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