Miami Heat's LeBron James Joins 500 Club: What Does It Mean For Him?

By Will Connolly
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well he’s done it again; defied the impossible. But I guess we should expect that from the best player in the world, right?

Miami Heat forward LeBron James went for 35 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in a 104-95 win over the Toronto Raptors last night, but that’s not why we’re talking about him, because that’s an average night for the King. No, we’re talking about the history he made in joining an elite class of individuals by the names of Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone and Moses Malone as the fifth player in NBA history to reach double-digits in 500-consecutive games.

“When I see a stat like that, I’m like ‘Wow,’ because I know the history of the game, I know the guys who paved the way for myself and my teammates,” James said in an interview after last night’s game. “To be in such a great class like that, it’s an amazing feeling.”

This is a mark for anyone to celebrate, but especially when you’re chasing the great “Air Jordan.” James still has a long way to go before he can top Jordan’s record of 866-consecutive games in double-digits, but if he continues at this rate, he could accomplish that feat in the midst of the 2016-17 season (playoffs included).

In an interview at the Heat’s media day, James emphasized his want to achieve greatness by stating that he wanted to be the “greatest of all-time.” This is a monumental mountain that James is attempting to climb, but he certainly has all the attributes to accomplish this goal. No one will ever stop comparing him to Jordan for as long as we live, but if James can continue to rise and become the player only he knows he can be, he could put the conversation to a halt by breaking all of Jordan’s records.

Will he reach his goal of greatness? Only time will tell if James is the Chosen One.

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