Small Forward Gerald "Crash" Wallace Getting Frustrated with Winless Boston Celtics

By Dave Daniels
David Butler II-USA TODAY

Gerald Wallace is apparently not happy, and I definitely think this is going to get worse before it gets better. Could we see a trade though? Wallace says no.

“My thing about that is I don’t ask for trades,” Wallace said to Ball Don’t Lie. “I don’t like to be traded. You know, once I get a place where I’m comfortable, I just want to know what’s expected of me and what my role is. For a guy that goes out and puts 110 percent of himself into it, you’re giving your all and you just want to know that. This is nothing against coach Brad (Stevens). Everyone has to figure out how we need to play with each other and how we can play together defensively and offensively to get the best out of each other.”

Thanks to the tweet below for the update.

If Wallace does not demand a trade, then I do not think he is going to have a very happy year. Brad Stevens knows the ultimate goal here even if it does not entail a lot of winning . But Stevens has his long contract so there is not exactly a lot of pressure to get it done this year. Danny Ainge is probably hoping for a high draft pick to be honest. Sorry Crash.

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