Atlanta Hawks: Dennis Schroeder Suspended for Obvious Crotch Jab on DeMarcus Cousins

By Ryan Heckman
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Allow me to address the thoughts inside your head right now: Yes, the picture above is indeed on the peculiar, borderline-creepy side — and that’s exactly why it was selected.

Moving on…

As the Atlanta Hawks took on the Sacramento Kings Tuesday night, they had one big problem on their hands: DeMarcus Cousins. Coming in averaging nearly a double-double with almost 20 points and nearly 10 rebounds to go along with 2.0 steals and over a block per game, Cousins looked like he was going to run over the Hawks after starting the season on a great note.

Hawks rookie guard Dennis Schroeder had different plans. Schroeder, a rookie out of Germany, decided he’d attempt a cheap shot on the big man early in the fourth quarter. As Cousins was setting a screen, Schroeder worked to get past it by jabbing his left first directly into the groin of Cousins.

Cousins was in visible pain and immensely upset at the referees who did not blow the whistle or address the incident. Afterwards, Cousins expressed his feelings regarding the situation.

“I took a cheap shot to my lower area,” Cousins said to reporters in post-game interviews. “They [the refs] just blew it off. I guess because it was me. But as soon as something happens on the other end, because it’s me, they run to the camera.”

What Cousins was referring to by the refs missing a call committed against him, but blowing the whistle when he is the one at fault, was later in the quarter when he shoved Al Horford. It was immediately called a flagrant but then downgraded to a personal.

The NBA decided to take action since the refs failed to do so, suspending the rookie for a game. Justice has been served. Hopefully, for Cousins’ future kids’ sake, that suspension was enough to stop something like this from happening again.

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