Los Angeles Clippers Fall to Miami Heat Behind Vintage Dwyane Wade Performance

By Dave Daniels
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Blake Griffin has been showing me flashes of an outside shot developing and that could become crucial come playoff time. It was not enough tonight though in an effort Doc Rivers was none to pleased with.

“I just thought they played so much harder than us in the first half,” Rivers said. “I thought we were very casual in our approach tonight and that’s me. I’ve always got to get them ready. I didn’t.”

Chris Paul has to be pleased with how Griffin has played this year, but it did not end in victory tonight.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are just too good right now, and Wade in particular looked great tonight. An offseason with Tim Grover appears to have done wonders and we will just have to see if he has the same bounce come playoff time.

Well done with the jumper by Griffin tonight, and if he can just develop a little bit better of a post game then Paul will have a truly worthy running mate.

Until then other teams are going to try and punk Griffin by getting physical with him and also not honoring him with a double team in the post. If that happens though? It will open up a whole lot of shots for teammates and it would create a lot of playoff wins as well.

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