Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Love Deservedly Named Western Conference Player of the Week

By Dave Daniels
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love was recently named the Western Conference player of the week.

Love’s reaction? He was pleased, but also surprised he had never won before.

“They told me on the bus [on Tuesday],” Love said. “I had no idea. It’s cool, actually I was a little surprised I’d never won it before, but I’d just take a 3-0 start over any of that. Big thanks to my teammates and coaches.”

That is pretty neat that he shoveled praise onto his teammates.

Thanks to the tweet below for the update and it will most likely not be the last time Love is named player of the week this year.

If he can average 25 points and about 15 rebounds a game, then you might even have to throw his name into the MVP conversation. Ricky Rubio is certainly pleased to have his frontcourt mate back and with Nikola Pekovic’s rebounding production the T-Wolves could easily be the best team in the league when it comes to boards.

Will definitely keep an eye on the MVP watch for Love, and if he keeps putting up these type of numbers then that will become an inevitability. Have loved watching Love (no pun intended) ever since college and the growth of his game has been truly beautiful to watch.

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