Brooklyn Nets: Jason Kidd Should Sit Kevin Garnett In Washington

By Mike B. Ruiz
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

If Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd still doesn’t want Kevin Garnett playing in both ends of back-to-backs the way he indicated during the summer, tonight’s game against the Washington Wizards would be the perfect time to sit the future Hall-of-Famer before a showdown with the Indiana Pacers on Saturday.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer if Kidd does indeed want to preserve Garnett’s older legs. Although the Nets would still prefer to have Garnett play against the Wizards if they weren’t in this situation, the 5-0 Pacers, who have been the most impressive team in the league early on, will be the ultimate litmus test for Brooklyn.

Despite having plenty of success against the Pacers last season, the Nets will have their hands even more full than when they hosted the Miami Heat last week. Things are a lot different around Indianapolis these days.

Getting run off the court by the Heat in Game 7 of last season’s Eastern Conference finals awoke the Pacers as much as a heartbreaking loss of that nature possibly could. Indiana plays with the biggest chip on its shoulder now, beginning with emerging superstar Paul George and the rest of their young core and ending with new bench additions C.J. Watson – a solid Nets player last season – and Luis Scola.

All of that should add up to one of the easiest decisions Kidd will have to make all year long. Playing Garnett will give the Nets all the depth they need to be at their very best in what will certainly be their toughest challenge thus far against a huge, tough-nosed Pacers squad.

So if Kidd really does want to sit Garnett for one of these two upcoming games, there’s no doubt it should be tonight’s.

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