Charlotte Bobcats' Steve Clifford Becomes Latest Coach To Survive Health Scare

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Clifford
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

What a week it’s been for coaches across the sports world. First John Fox was hospitalized after feeling light-headed this past weekend, then Gary Kubiak collapsed after a mini-stroke during halftime and now Steve Clifford has undergone a heart procedure. Clifford was hospitalized after not feeling well on Thursday night and on Friday it was confirmed that the Charlotte Bobcats‘ head coach had two stents placed in his heart.

It’s scary because were not just talking about coaches who are dealing with minor health concerns, all three have faced major issues. Two of them, had to have surgery. The even scarier part with Kubiak, is that one in three people who suffer a mini or warning stroke, later suffer full strokes.

You can’t tell me that stress hasn’t played a role in all three of the coaches’ problems either. Sure, maybe they had predispositions for their issues, but I would bet that the stresses of coaching accelerated the issues. Regardless, all three are doing fine and expected to make full recoveries. When you get down to it, that’s really all that matters.

As for Clifford and his Bobcats, he has them out to a solid 3-2 start. It appears that the franchise has finally turned the corner to becoming respectable, but there’s also a lot more basketball to be played. Still, for a team that won just seven games two years ago, you can’t say enough about the start they’re off to.

While Clifford recovers, hall-of-famer Patrick Ewing will coach the Bobcats.


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