Los Angeles Lakers: Steve Blake Redeems Himself

By Ian Meredith
Thomas Campbell – USA TODAY Sports

Not too far back in time, May 17, 2012, Steve Blake caught a pass for an open corner three and missed the shot. Any Los Angeles Lakers fan knows exactly the moment I’m referring to and still cringes as they imagine the replay of the Oklahoma City Thunder winning that game. The Lakers threw the game away which led to a controversy over why Blake took the final shot instead of Super Star scoring guard Kobe Bryant. In typical heinous fashion, Blake received hate mail and death threats from overzealous Laker fans. In the hearts of many, Blake simply wasn’t the same “Vino Blanco” anymore.

Well, that all changed Thursday November 7 of 2013 as Steve Blake once again became a hero to the City of Angels.

As the Lakers headed into Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, all of the basketball-talk rightly revolved around Dwight Howard facing his old team again. This basketball game was predicted to be a landslide in the favor of the Houston Rockets, as the Lakers are still working to find their identity and the Rockets have put together a Championship-caliber squad. Yet we were surprised as the Lakers got off to a lead and held it close until the very end of the game where Mr. Blake won our hearts back.

It looked as though the Lakers would collapse in the last few minutes of the game. It looked as though fans of the Purple and Gold would have heads hung in shame as Howard would get the win, it looked as though the Rockets would be given bragging rights as the better team this year.

Then, in one beautiful moment, Steve Blake made the game winning three-pointer over — yes you probably guessed it — Dwight Howard.

Blake, on this one shot, erased the past and put himself into the limelight as the “Vinco Blanco” once again. It’s games like these that make the NBA regular season a thing of beauty to watch.

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