What Can Cleveland Cavaliers Expect From Russian Rookie Sergey Karasev?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NBA Draft was always going to be one full of unexpected, thrilling selections, but one that may of slipped the mind of many NBA fans is the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ 19th pick in the first round, Russian rookie Sergey Karasev. All of the attention was focused on the no. 1 pick Anthony Bennett, but with him struggling, could Sergey be the surprise pick from this draft class?

The Cavs’ newest shooting guard, isn’t getting many minutes so far this season, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Many expect players to be NBA-ready within a week or two, but it doesn’t work that way. As with every drafted player, Karasev has to learn to compete with some of basketball’s best stars. He has to learn to systems and he has to adapt to a new area, but it’s tougher for Karasev than most.

On top of the usual transition, he is still trying to learn the English language. Although he has studied it for the majority of his life, he is hoping to improve on it further, which will only help his NBA career blossom.

It’s obvious that there is huge potential within this player as shown during his time playing in Russia for his team and his country. For his Russian club Triumph Lyubertsy, Karasev averaged 16.1 points per game before declaring himself eligible for the NBA draft. Although some think his limited time suggests he is struggling, others realize that he has a lot to learn. Once he has finished his transition, we will see the Russian revelation at his best.

Sometimes it’s easy for fans to want big performances instantly, but sometimes patience is needed. Karasev has mentioned in an interview that he is awaiting the arrival of his girlfriend in Cleveland; although it’s a minor detail, it’s something worth considering. It’s human nature to be at your best when you’re surrounded by your loved ones, so keep that in mind.

Karasev will soon be happy, settled and ready to take the NBA by storm.

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