Why Does Zaza Pachulia Want to Buy Milwaukee Bucks’ Court?

By Michael Terrill
Why Does Zaza Pachulia Want to Buy Milwaukee Bucks’ Court
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks center Zaza Pachulia, who the organization signed to a three-year, $15.6 million contract prior to the start of the 2013-14 NBA season, wants to purchase the team’s old court.

I say old court because the Bucks actually paid for a new court that was implemented during the preseason, but had to be taken out due to a mysterious substance that made the players slip. The court Pachulia is attempting to buy is the one that Milwaukee currently plays on at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Once the new court is put back into play, then the negotiations between Pachulia and the Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment can continue.

There are numerous players who have the money to purchase the professional basketball court they made millions playing on. However, the only player that comes to mind that actually went through with it is the legendary Michael Jordan.

Of course, Pachulia isn’t looking for a court to use as a floor in his trophy room or to play on in his backyard. In fact, Pachulia wants to donate the court to charity. More specifically, his intentions are to give the court to Martve, which is a basketball academy in his home country of Georgia. It is the same place he learned how to play the game he loves so dearly, which is why he was devastated to see the shape of the current court the kids at the academy have to play on.

“This is my dream,” Pachulia said, according to Grantland. “I want to make this happen. It would be really exciting for me, and for the kids in Georgia, to have a chance to play on an NBA floor. So many superstars have played on that court, from the Bucks and other teams.”

What Pachulia wants to do is incredible. Think about it. The children will be able to play on the same court that LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and every other NBA superstar imaginable has stepped foot on. It is an awesome gesture that should thrill the academy.

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