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5 Things The Chicago Bulls Need To Work On To Get Out Of Early Slump

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5 Things The Chicago Bulls Need To Work On To Get Out Of Early Slump

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The start of an NBA season is never predicted correctly; people around the league, experts, media types and fans all make predictions. But no one would have guessed the Chicago Bulls would be struggling out the gate this early. The Bulls came into this season with high expectations and championship aspirations; that's why they play the games on the court. The Bulls, coming off an undefeated preseason, looked ready for the regular season. They had the main core back together and were locked in for a serious championship run. The former MVP, Derrick Rose, was returning from major knee surgery and the Bulls were ready to roll. Then, the regular season started and opening night against the Miami Heat did not go according to plans. The Heat was on a mission to let the Bulls and everybody else know that they are the champions. They ran all over the Bulls on opening night, and the Bulls looked out of whack and not prepared. It has not gotten too much better so far through five games. The season is still too early to panic. Coach Tom Thibodeau has to get them refocused and back to the basics. I believe the Bulls bought into their own hype and got a little bit arrogant. They were feeling good about themselves after dominating preseason, but this is a wake up call. The talent is definitely there, and the Bulls are too good of a team to show any panic. They will get back to their winning ways, they just need more time to get the kinks out. Here are the five important things the Bulls need to work on the get out of this early season slump.

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Back To Basics On Offense

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The Bulls have to get back to being consistent on offense. The offense has looked very stagnant in spurts. They have to get back to moving the ball side to side and cutting to the basket. The offense is watching Derrick Rose too much, trying to bail them out. Sharing the basketball and running a little more would remedy some of the consistency issues.

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Show More Energy and Toughness on Defense

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It is a huge surprise that the Bulls are struggling on defense, as this is their calling card when things are not working on offense. They need to get that energy and focus back on the defensive end. So far, there's been a lack of toughness. Coach Thibs will hammer down and get the Bulls locking down teams again.

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D. Rose Has To Let The Games Come To Him

D. Rose
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Rose has been struggling big time this early part of the season. We knew it was going to take him some time before he gets back to being elite. He has been forcing and his shot hasn't been falling; that is where he's been pressing and the turnovers are coming at alarming rates. He will get his game back, he just needs to slow down and let the games come to him.

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The Bench Needs To Step Up

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The bench hasn't provided much of a spark so far. They need to get back to contributing by hitting shots and playing with energy. Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson, Mike Dunleavy and Nazr Mohammed have to lead this unit and become "da bench mob" again.

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The Starters Have To Get Familiar With Each Other

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The starters have not been able to find their rhythm with each other. They haven't played with D. Rose in a whole season, so it's going to take some time to get acquainted. There have been communication and lack of trust issues, but these issues will work themselves out the more they practice and play together.