Brooklyn Nets Fall to Washington Wizards in Overtime Loss with Smothering Defense on Paul Pierce

By Dave Daniels
Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

Kevin Garnett could just not get it going tonight and it resulted in a third straight road loss. Hopefully they will stick to the long term game plan though and continue to work on moving forward.

“This is a process. Obviously, you have to have some type of patience with that process, but losing is losing. It sucks,” Garnett said.

Hopefulls the next few games do not “suck” as much for Garnett and with the intensity of the defense that he plays, it would certainly be surprising if this streak reached four games. Definitely not what I was expecting the early going from this squad.

Also saw the funny piece on Paul Pierce that just wanted to share.

Pierce also could not get going on the offensive end tonight, but he will be there at the end of the year when it truly counts. Garnett and Pierce probably do not have too many good years left, so obviously the window is getting a little tighter every year on the prospect of another championship.

We will just have to see if Brooklyn can surprise anyone when it gets to the summer time. Ultimately believe the health of the players will dictate that, but if fully healthy they could definitely get to at the very least the Eastern Conference Finals.

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