Detroit Pistons Get Burned by Kevin Durant's 37 Points On Just Fifteen Shots

By Dave Daniels
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant was put on this planet to get buckets, and he does it with ruthless efficiency as Detroit recently found out about. Durant’s 37 points on just fifteen shots is simply put incredible, and you should all just know that we are watching greatness in action. Just because Durant has not won a championship does not mean that he is not one of the best players we have ever seen.

LeBron James’ greatness has kind of diminished everything Durant has done, and it should not be that way. We should be able to appreciate the greatness of each while also acknowledging that they are different people. If you look at KD from a numerical standpoint he is an absolute beast, and every moment we get to watch him play should be appreciated.

Thanks to the tweet below for the update on Durant’s efficiency.

The Pistons definitely did not enough to get the win in this one, and Durant’s free throw shooting in particular is what pushed them over the top. His work ethic is truly inspiring, and he deserves every ounce of success that comes his way.

Stay tuned for a piece on James dismantling of point guard Chris Paul last week and thanks so much for reading y’all.

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