Limited Minutes Will Benefit Brooklyn Nets In Long Run

By Mike B. Ruiz
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

The unimaginable depth the Brooklyn Nets attained during the offseason definitely gives them quite an advantage every night by allowing coach Jason Kidd to limit everyone’s minutes.

But even more importantly, having all those bullets to fire is going to give them an even bigger advantage over every other team come playoff time.

Don’t forget, it’s a very long season filled with an abundance of grueling games. It takes its toll on every team over time, including the younger ones. Although, Mother Nature dictates that the wear and tear will become even more challenging for older teams like the Nets.

That’s exactly where possessing so much talent will pay huge dividends for Brooklyn in the long run. Not one Nets player is averaging even 30 minutes per game through four games this season because Kidd can run 11-12 guys a game empty of a second thought, and that sort of trend can certainly be the strategy they employ all year. Without the need to extend players night in and night out, Kidd will preserve them and keep them a lot fresher once the postseason rolls around.

Rest will be especially important to the likes of older players like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, which has been discussed since the summer. But if Kidd continues to utilize them in such a limited fashion the Nets will become the most energized team hanging around in the postseason.

And that’s a pretty frightening thought for every other team after their stars have lost a little fire as a result of carrying their teams all year.

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