Los Angeles Clippers Chris Paul Struggles to Create Offensively Against Miami Heat

By Dave Daniels
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Images

Here is the problem with Chris Paul’s hopes of winning a championship this season. They will most likely in the end have to play the Miami Heat to get to their goal. The Heat’s overall defensive effort against Paul was impressive, and despite an excellent shooting day from Blake Griffin the South Beach Boys were able to overcome.

“We tried to be aggressive. That’s just a whole lot easier said than done,” coach Erik Spoelstra said. “That’s trying to corral a spinning top. It’s tough.”

Thanks to to the tweet below for the update on this.

Paul actually had a double-double in the game, but his team needed more scoring from him than they got and hte bulk of the load fell onto Griffin’s shoulders. Really liked what I have seen shooting-wise from Griffin, but he is still extremely limited in his low post play which is disappointing to see.

In any case, Paul is brilliant but it is tough to create shots for yourself when the whole defense is focused on you. Griffin needs to be able to command a double-team in the post for this team to be a contender, and I (hate to admit) that just do not see it happening for Griffin and Paul this season. In the word of Charles Barkley “championships are won in the offseason”, which is something Barkley should know plenty about.

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