Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant Is Slighted On Latest MVP Rankings

By Brian Anderson
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I cant speak for anyone else, but I want to let it be known that I am in total shock after looking at NBA.com‘s Race to the MVP Ladder. What I’m shocked about mostly is their lack of effort to correctly evaluate what certain players in the NBA are doing at this point in the season. To be clear, the rankings are made up by NBA.com writer Sekou Smith. To my surprise, Smith has LeBron James ranked No. 1 on his list. He must be totally blind or totally biased if he thinks that James has been the best player so far this season. If anything, the Miami Heat have been less than spectacular, playing sub-par basketball while with a 4-2 record while James’ numbers are significantly lower all across the board. I think we may have found the biggest James fan-boy in the world.

My early pick for MVP would be Kevin Love, who’s averaging 27 points, nearly 15 rebounds, and five assists per game. His plus/minus is +13.8 compared to James’ +2. Let me not forget to mention that he has the overlooked Minnesota Timberwolves sitting at 4-2. With all the love I have for Love, his place on the list is not what has me the most puzzled. It’s the fact that Smith has the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Kevin Durant ranked No 2. If you’re going to completely bomb out on your first MVP list of the season, then at least have a player at No. 1 who’d be deserving of the early respect.

Durant is one of the hardest working young players in the entire league, and it’s sad that he’s constantly overlooked every year as the MVP. I believe that he should at least have one MVP award to call his own. He’s currently averaging 29.8 points, six rebounds, four assists, and two steals per game. If those aren’t MVP numbers, then I don’t know what is. Expect all of those numbers to rise slightly as the season rolls on, but still expect the James bandwagon to rob him of what he deserves. I’ll never take credit away from James; he’s obviously an amazing player. The problem is that his followers have a bad case of tunnel vision and it’s getting completely out of control.

I just want it to be fair for all players. No one should be constantly overlooked or blanketed underneath the shadow of another player. There’s currently a few players who belong atop James in the MVP race; they’re fighting for their chance to shine. Players like Paul George and Chris Paul are playing at an extremely high level at the moment. It’s just too bad that they aren’t getting the credit they rightfully deserve. I hope we get to see one of these deserving players grab the top spot on one of these MVP lists soon. I get the feeling that a new king will be crowned when the dust settles.

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