Blake Griffin The Only Thing Standing Between Los Angeles Clippers And A Title

By christopherbrown
Blake Griffin
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Blake bashing seems to be the latest trend in NBA world. When Blake Griffin debuted with the Los Angeles Clippers not many knew what to expect from the no. 1 pick in a weak draft who spent his entire rookie season sidelined due to injury. The Clippers had a league-wide reputation for bad drafts and treating free agency like a garage sale, therefore it wasn’t long before whispers of “here we go again” stared to blow in from the Santa Anna’s.

Yet, for those who started to forget who the Clippers’ no. 1 draft pick was, the start of the 2010-11 season got fans and Griffin reacquainted as he became the a new superstar in the Staple Center. Griffin was dominating opponents, dunking over large human beings and small cars.

His transition into the NBA was so seamless that it spoiled fans who think they’ve seen it all. Critics claimed that his rock-star status didn’t match his resume, that the holes in his game outnumbered the commercials and highlights reels. Soon, the word on Griffin was unanimous. The Clippers cannot win unless he mastered the monotony of consistency.

Griffin is blessed unlimited talent, unparalleled athleticism and A-list charisma. But, the league and its fans witnessed another former no. 1 pick with logic-defying ball skills and the brand to match. He too was embattled with criticism and marketed for his potential. And like Griffin, gaudy stats and “posterizing” peers was no longer arousing the prognosticators.

Eventually, the very thing that heralded the phenom was said to be what he lacked in basketball maturity — that was until he was able to attach two consecutive championships to his legacy.

Now no one remembers his days as a supposed underachiever that couldn’t shoot.

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