Los Angeles Lakers' Lack of Interior Defense Causing Major Issues

By Michael Pidgeon

Kevin Love has no problem getting a double-double on just about every night during the NBA season. They usually occur over a span of 48 minutes. But tonight, the Los Angeles Lakers allowed Love to have a double-double in just 24 minutes of action. Not only is it completely unacceptable, but it shows the lack of interior defense on the Lakers.

Los Angeles tends to use the trio of Pau GasolChris Kaman and Jordan Hill inside the paint. Sadly, not any of the three should worry the opposing team. Gasol has been called “soft” just about his whole career. Kaman has never been known as a defensive wizard and Hill is the best out of the three, but doesn’t get enough minutes to actually make a difference.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni isn’t known for being able to coach a team up defensively. But at this point, it truly wouldn’t matter who was head coach because no one on the Lakers know what the term defense means. Interior defense has been an issue in L.A. for a while now. Even with Dwight Howard starting at center, the interior defense didn’t show up. Either someone didn’t rotate or Dwight was sulking because he wasn’t getting enough touches offensively. Regardless of what it was, not even Dwight was able to improve the Lakers’ defense.

This should have been expected once the Lakers decided to go with Gasol at center. It’s impossible to build a team’s defense around a player who doesn’t play it very well to begin with. Love would have likely gotten a double-double by the end of the game, but getting one in the first half ensured it would be a very long night for the Lakers.

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