Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: LA Needs to Part Ways With Steve Nash

By Ian Meredith

It is beginning to become clear that Steve Nash isn’t going to be effective for the Los Angeles Lakers as they simply need him to play too many minutes to do them any good. His body is slowly but surely breaking down and he needs more rest than the Lakers can afford to give him. He’s better fit for a reserve roll behind a young star point guard that he can mentor and teach about the game. He still has some minutes left in his legs but it’s time for him to take to the pine.

A rumor has surfaced in his hometown team that the Toronto Raptors may be interested in acquiring the aging future Hall of Fame point guard and this may just be the perfect opportunity as the Raptors are looking to move players as well. Star small forward Rudy Gay may be the key piece in this deal. He’s a scoring threat that plays excellent defense and also would relieve a lot of the scoring pressure on Kobe Bryant once he returns. The Raptors are in a bit of a rebuilding phase as well and Gay becomes a free agent after this season.

Nash would be a hit in Toronto since he’s Canadian in both merchandise and media, which would offset the loss of a star of Gay’s caliber. The Raptors also have a fairly young talent in Kyle Lowry that needs some help both on and off the court. Lowry has plenty more potential in the NBA but needs to guidance of a veteran to get him to the next step. A veteran presence would also help him mature off the court where he has had minor maturity issues.

Regardless of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni and Nash’s relationship due to their years in Phoenix together, it’s time for Nash to head out of Tinsletown.

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