Atlanta Hawks Make a Truly Horrible Version of Blurred Lines Couple Months Too Late

By Dave Daniels
Al Horford
Kelley L. Cox – USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks have not been making a whole lot of headlines lately, and their latest is not the best. Anything to do with Blurred Lines at this point is pretty old news don’t you think? Oh well, that is the job I guess.

Thanks to the tweet below for the update, and here is hoping this is the last we hear of Robin Thicke’s summer ditty.

The Hawks seem to me to be a team that is trying to get some good lottery picks next summer. I could be wrong about that, but something tells me Al Horford is not going to be a happy man this year. Have a lot of respect for Horford’s game though, and hope for his sake that I am wrong. The offense is definitely running through him this year and he should put up some huge numbers, but just not sure that it will result in winning basketball. It would definitely help if he was playing in his natural position, but oh well.

The Hawks will probably be on the outside looking in when the summer comes, but they will try their best until then. Horford just does not have enough help in my opinion, but maybe they will end up proving me wrong. Blurred Lines has certainly run its course and here is hoping this is the last of it.

Thanks for reading y’all and be sure to stay tuned in to my twitter feed for coverage of the Champion’s Classic double header tomorrow.

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