Biggest Issue Facing Miami Heat in Early Going

By Michael Terrill
Biggest Issue Facing Miami Heat in Early Going
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat is one of the more ferocious offensive teams in the NBA. With that being said, if the team doesn’t improve on defense immediately, they are going to have a hard time contending with the other power houses in the Eastern Conference.

A 4-3 record through the first seven games is not exactly what the Heat had in mind as they defend their NBA championship title for the second consecutive season. Miami is doing just fine on offense, at least as far as scoring points. Unfortunately, it is the rebounding and the overall defense that are causing all sorts of issues.

“It’s simple,” James said, according to “These first seven games, we’re playing like sh–, defensively. It’s that simple. We’re not a sugarcoat team. We came in and got right down to it. We’re terrible on defense, and we’ve got to change that.”

The Heat rank 20th in the NBA in steals (7.57), 21st in points allowed (100.86), 25th in blocks (4.14) and 30th in total rebounds per game (33.1).

Obviously, those numbers are not good for a team that is trying to win their third straight title.

The good news it is incredibly early in the season for any team to be get overly considered about any aspect of their game. On the other hand, Miami takes pride in being the best, which means they have plenty of work ahead of them to in order to be contenders down the stretch. It doesn’t matter how good the Heat are on offense, bad defense is enough for an early exit from the playoffs.

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