NBA Preview: Miami Heat Will Dominate Milwaukee Bucks at Home

By Will Connolly
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat lost their third game of the season by a single point Saturday night. This marks the second time they have lost by a one point in seven games this season. Not to mention that their three losses have come by a combined score of six total points.

But something tells me when they face off against the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow night at the American Airlines Arena things will go a little differently for the two-time defending champs.

There was a lot of scrutiny surrounding Saturday’s loss to the Boston Celtics, as Dwyane Wade could have put the game out of reach by making both of his free throws. But when he missed the first and intentionally missed the second in hopes that it would hit the rim and end the game, he missed the hoop altogether and gave the Celtics one last opportunity to win. In most cases, it wouldn’t have mattered if Wade air-balled both of his free throws for there seemed to be too little time left on the clock for anything to happen. But on this occasion, Jeff Green came up with nothing short of a miracle as he hit a fade away three with 0.6 seconds left in the game to take the 111-110 victory over their rival Heat.

But in the grand scheme of things one cannot dwell on a single game. It’s an extremely long season, and one must have a short memory.

As the Heat boasted the second best home record in the league last year behind the Denver Nuggets, I expect them to show their resiliency in tomorrow night’s game and come out with a huge win over the Bucks who have struggled to replace their biggest contributors in Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. Furthermore, the Heat have owned the Bucks in seasons past, sweeping them in the first round of last year’s playoffs and taking the season series 3-1.

I expect the “Big Three” to show up big in a 20-point blowout over their Eastern Conference rivals. Look for LeBron James to have 30+ points and Chris Bosh and Wade to have at least 20 in a monumental victory.

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