The Eastern Conference Blues

By Brian Anderson
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Not too long ago, everyone was hyping up just how good the Eastern Conference would be this year. Now it seems nobody wants to talk about just how bad this conference is after two weeks of NBA action.

The biggest surprise so far has to be the inconsistency of the Miami Heat. They sit at 4-3 here in the early going. While there may not be anything glaring to point out as to why they aren’t winning; there is the fact that LeBron James‘ numbers are slightly down almost across the board. He’s still shooting the ball at an extremely high percentage, but he is taking fewer shots. I don’t know what James wants to do, but he’ll have to figure it out before other teams do.

One team that has held its head above water is the Indiana Pacers. They are 7-0 and looking better and better each and every game. Paul George has found himself at least in the top three in almost all the early MVP ranking lists out there. Roy Hibbert is also making a strong case to be the second straight Pacer to win the Most Improved Player award.

Lets re-shift our focus back into the shadows of the Eastern Conference, where there’s a lot of teams looking for a bit of light to guide them through the dark. I know it’s early and a lot of people are saying that it doesn’t matter right now because these teams needs time to work on their chemistry. All that might be true, but why not take the shot to talk about it while it’s hot?

Let me try to paint a clearer picture for the nonbelievers out there. Did you know that only one team in the conference has a winning road record at the moment? That’s right, one team. Let’s not forget to mention that the Philadelphia 76ers are the second seed and they’re a team that’s lost three out of their last four games.

The east has teams like the Boston Celtics, Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic with better records than the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets. It’s complete and utter madness.

Sooner or later, all of these underachieving teams will have had enough of their unlikely losing ways; they’ll step up and turn their seasons around before it’s too late. I just can’t imagine the playoffs without teams like the Bulls and Knicks. They simply make for better TV and we all want to see Derrick Rose end his season off on as positive of a note as possible after such a tough road to recovery.

Then there’s those old guys in Brooklyn who are all slowly riding off into the sunset with each passing game. Their latest and maybe final championship run hasn’t been cut short just yet. We’re talking about a group of former NBA champions and veterans who’ve overcome the toughest of situations; I’m sure they’ll be fine.

These teams are out there competing hard each and every minute when they are on that court; things just don’t always play out like they envision them. That doesn’t stop them from continuing in their mission to succeed. The NBA season is a extremely trying marathon of a race and no one and safe for too long. We’ll see if the Eastern Conference shapes up to be what everyone expected or if the underdogs of the east will rise in 2013-14 NBA season.

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