Dallas Mavericks Need To Involve Dirk Nowitzki More On Offense

By Andrew Duffy
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY

The Dallas Mavericks are 4-3, and while that isn’t terrible it isn’t great either. Perhaps this team is going to hover around .500 for the rest of the season, but perhaps there is room for them to improve.

After suffering through last season with inadequate point guard play, it was largely unanimous that Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t taking enough shots and not getting the ball enough in a good position to score.

However, Dirk is taking slightly less shots so far this year than he did last year. While it’s still early in the season and it could easily change, it is still surprising that the Mavericks’ big man has not been a bigger part of the offense.

Part of the problem is that Nowitzki hasn’t been making his shots with his usual regularity, but the other part of that problem could be attributed to not being able to get into a rhythm due to having less shots. Besides, Dirk tends to hit most of his shots in the fourth quarter, and without looking at concrete numbers just by watching the games it is apparent that he isn’t taking his usual amount of shots in the fourth either.

Fortunately, the Mavericks have been able to mostly get by even with Dirk’s lack of touches. However, this kind of imbalance is not going to be able to get the job done against some of the tougher teams in the league, as evidenced by the Mavericks’ wins and losses. All three teams that have beaten the Mavericks have five wins each while the Atlanta Hawks are the only team the Mavericks have beaten who have a winning record.

Hopefully the problem will correct itself and in the long run will prove to be nothing more than the growing pains that go along with having nine new team members. As they get used to playing with each other it would certainly be in their best interest to find a way to get Dirk the ball.

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