Kobe Bryant Lost Bet To Kevin Ware

By Andrew Fisher
Kobe Bryant
USA Today Sports

Kobe Bryant is still on the road to recovery following a ruptured achilles tendon injury he suffered last April. Kevin Ware has made it back to the court following his gruesome leg break during the NCAA basketball tournament last March. But who knew the two players had a bet over their injuries?

During a sitdown interview with ESPN, Ware revealed that he and Bryant made a bet on who would make it back to the court first. Ware returned to the court last week in one of Louisville‘s exhibition games, while Bryant is still sitting on the sidelines and rehabbing his ankle. As a result, Kobe will now have to travel and attend one of Ware’s games.

I thought it was pretty cool that Bryant reached out to Ware following his injury. You could only imagine what that meant to the youngster at the time, because he had to be very down and wondering if he’d ever get back to the game he loved.

As far as Bryant’s return is concerned, there still hasn’t been a firm date set. Rumors flew around last week that he could make it back before December, but that’s seeming more and more unlikely. I still think he probably won’t return until closer to Christmas, but that’s merely a guess. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 3-5 on the young season, but are now dealing with another injury to Steve Nash. Can the aging veteran backcourt of Bryant and Nash lead the Lakers back to relevancy in 2014? That’s certainly the big question in Laker land.


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