Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Medical Retirement Looming For Steve Nash?

By Andrew Fisher

Steve Nash is on the shelf once again with an injury. Actually, he’s still suffering from the same injury he sustained early last season. Nash is currently away from the Los Angeles Lakers dealing with nerve root irritation. He’s set to undergo treatment for the issue, which amounts to getting an epidural, and will be on the sidelines for at least a couple weeks. So it’s with that reality, that retirement rumors have started.

Nash is certainly not ready to hang up his sneakers for good, but the LA Times recently brought up the possibility of a medical retirement. To be clear, a medical retirement is an actual filing with the NBA and not just a decision by the player to call it quits. Also, this notion of a medical retirement is pure speculation, but it could become a real possibility.

The idea behind a medical retirement is that even though the Lakers would still have to pay Nash his salary in 2014-15, it wouldn’t count against their salary cap. If the legendary point guard is deemed medically unable to continue his career and the NBA agrees, the Lakers would be given a huge financial break. But, that can only happen if he plays in less than 10 games this season. Currently, Nash has played six.

I’d sure hate to see Nash forced into retirement, but it’s seeming more and more likely that his playing days are numbered. If he never takes the court again it would no doubt be sad, but there’s also no doubt he’ll be a first ballot hall-of-famer.


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