Denver Nuggets: Trading Kenneth Faried Would Be Devastating to Roster

By Will Connolly
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN sources, the Denver Nuggets have been linked to the New York Knicks in a trade of Kenneth Faried for Iman Shumpert. This would be a monumental mistake on the part of the Nuggets franchise.

Denver has just lost Javale McGee indefinitely due to a stress fracture in his left tibia, and this loss along with Faried would absolutely destroy the Nuggs’ ability to dominate the boards. Truly, rebounding is the only positive thing they have going for them right now, as they are fifth in the league in that category.

Now a lot of people would say it might be time to take the facts into consideration and throw in the towel on this season in hopes that next season will be better. For it is said that the Nuggs are not only interested in Shumpert, but a first-round draft pick, as well. But if they expect to build a new team by the start of next season, they better make some better draft choices than they have in seasons past, as their past three choices after Faried, who was chosen 22nd overall in 2011, put up a combined 8.3 points and 6.5 rebounds a game to Faried’s 11 points and 8.6 rebounds per game.

If these aren’t obvious enough reasons to keep Faried around, both Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari are out with injuries, who average a combined 29 points and 10 rebounds a game for the Nuggs; emphasizing Faried’s need to continue to be a contributor on this ailing roster. And if Denver wants to have any chance of even competing in the West this season, they need to keep their best rebounder and fifth-leading scorer on the team. And even though Shumpert is an explosive shooting guard, the Nuggs already have a proficient shooting guard in the form of Randy Foye.

Some think it’s time to push the panic button in Denver, but I think it’s far too early in the season to make a trade that could potentially ruin a franchise. I hope the Nuggets don’t make that mistake.

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