Miami Heat: LeBron James Focuses on Scoring Against Milwaukee Bucks

By Michael Pidgeon
LeBron James
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is such a talented player that he’s expected to fill up a box score every game. In a blowout victory for the Miami Heat over the Milwaukee Bucks, LeBron was focused on scoring and it was nice to see that for a change.

James tends to be an unselfish player and although that’s good for the Heat, every now and then we all love to see LeBron just focus on himself and actually just worry about scoring the ball rather than passing it. That’s exactly what occurred in tonight’s game. James finished with over 30 points and only dished out two assists, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Everyone knows that LeBron is capable of going off in the scoring category, but sometimes we forget that because he doesn’t do it as often as he could. James prefers to get his teammates involved rather than try to be the star all the time. Tonight was just a friendly reminder to the rest of the league that just because he doesn’t do it nightly, that doesn’t mean that James can’t be selfish when he wants to be.

LeBron makes the Heat a great team whether he’s passive or aggressive because he’s just that talented. James can play like Magic Johnson one night and then score the ball like he’s Michael Jordan the next. The comparisons between James and these two Hall of Famers is constantly debated, but James may possibly go down in history as being better than both Jordan and Magic.

When Miami faces off with the Dallas Mavericks on Friday, will James go out and drop 30-plus points again and very few assists, or will he be the triple-double LeBron? One of the best things about LeBron is the unpredictability.

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