Should New York Knicks Gamble On Steve Nash?

By Sean McKenney
Steve Nash
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn’t know or have been blindfolded and forced in a closet, the New York Knicks are off to a rough start.

Steve Nash has also been off to a rough start in the NBA season, but is expected to return to action soon. The two-time NBA MVP and eight-time All-Star may be just what the doctor ordered for New York.

First of all, it doesn’t look like the Lakers are doing everything they can to keep him. With all of the problems in L.A., losing Nash would hardly be the straw that broke the camel’s back. In fact, with trade rumors already swirling, shipping Nash out might mean another young contributor for the Los Angeles Lakers to build with moving forward.

I doubt Nash would be opposed to the idea either. During free agency, Nash was even rumored to be headed for New York.

Aside from actually wanting to play there, what would make Nash a good fit in New York? For starters, Nash could bring some veteran leadership to a Knicks team severely lacking in it. Sure, Kenyon Martin is around, but compared to the career held by Nash, Martin is a rookie. Nash’s professional attitude and winning history could go a long way on a seemingly directionless and occasionally immature Knicks team.

On top of that, an old-school star like Nash could give Carmelo Anthony the incentive, or at least the encouragement to stick around in the Big Apple after free agency. Even if the 39-year-old point guard didn’t play a single minute, I believe he would have a positive impact on the Knicks.

Secondly, the Knicks could use a little more ball movement on the floor. Their point guard situation with Raymond Felton isn’t terrible, but Felton stands as more of an offensive player than a distributor. His knack for getting to basket and still being able to connect from long-range make him a great option, but a team with Anthony is far from worried about scoring.

A shoot-first guard paired with Anthony is not exactly a recipe for great ball movement. The Knicks star doesn’t have a great reputation for being too pass-happy.

So with that brief explanation of what Nash could do for New York, isn’t it worth a shot? No!

While veteran presence could do a lot for the Knicks, I’d take a good defense over a slightly more polite locker room any day. Right now, the Knicks are suffering from the uninspiring play of Amare Stoudemire and the lack of the injured Tyson Chandler.

This problem leaves them both in need of size and defense. If you look up antonyms of size and great defensive presence in the dictionary, it will direct you to the section on Steve Nash. Quite simply, just because the Knicks could use a pass-first veteran, that does not mean they have to sign one of the greatest past-first veterans of all time!

Veteran point guards are a dime a dozen. Give Baron Davis a call. See what Delonte West has been up to lately, but adding an injured 39-year-old isn’t going to solve the Knicks’ defensive troubles. While bringing Nash aboard would certainly be a diversion, it wouldn’t cure the Knicks’ problems as of late.

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