What Plans Should The Cleveland Cavaliers Be Making For The 2014 NBA Draft?

By kennethbrown
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

It’s earlier than usual, but teams, fans and everyone within the NBA circle are going crazy with draft rumors and mock selections. Every fan has their eye on realistic and unrealistic talent for their team to acquire in the draft, but it’s the owners and general manager of each team that will be working day and night on which talent their team needs and how they can make it happen. Which player will the Cleveland Cavaliers be hoping to draft in this coming year?

Tuesday November 12, 2013 saw the top two college prospects go against one another. These prospects need no introducing, but they were Kansas JayhawksAndrew Wiggins and Duke Blue DevilsJabari Parker. Both talents had breathtaking performances, which has only amplified the draft discussion across the NBA. Now if this was a year or two ago, Cleveland would be a top contender for one of these talents, but they appear to have improved enough that it’ll be unlikely for them to be high enough in the lottery to select one of them. So where will they turn?

The Cavaliers appear to still be in dire need of a scoring forward, something they’ve lacked since LeBron James left for the Miami Heat. On their current roster are forwards Anthony Bennett, Earl Clark, Alonzo Gee and Tristan Thompson. Although the Cavaliers believe heavily in this foursome it looks like they still need that big-name forward, but who will they pursue?

So far they have shown playoff and basement level form, so where they will end up is anybody’s guess. There will be a plan of action, no matter their finish, though. If the Cavaliers just miss out on the playoffs expect them to look at SF Glen Robinson III of Michigan or Croatian Dario Saric. If they were to sneak into the playoffs they probably wouldn’t go far, but then their attention would turn to Ohio State‘s LaQuinton Ross or North Carolina‘s James McAdoo, both predicted to fall in to the playoff picks of the draft.

Of course it is too early to know what will happen; perhaps one of their forward players will step their game up and the Cavaliers won’t need a forward any longer. It’s been a problem position for a long while now, and it appears they will have to fix it to get to change their franchise around. Also, without raising too much hope in this possibility, LeBron James could always return and solve the problems his departure caused, couldn’t he?

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