Miami Heat: Shane Battier Will Bring Meaning to a Bad NBA Idea

By Shane Phillips

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When the Miami Heat takes on the Brooklyn Nets on January 10, players will wear special jerseys showcasing their “secret identities”.

This could be one of the most moronic ideas David Stern and the NBA has ever created; Miami will take part in four “nickname games”. Instead of sporting their last names, players will have their nicknames stitched into their jerseys.

I’ve already displayed my disgust with this latest ploy in an older article (look through my author page) and how idiotic Stern would be to go along with it. Honestly, how many nicknames are household names?

Sure, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will have their signature names, “Flash” and “King James”, but what about everyone else? How many fans will be tortured by their significant others or children asking “why does it say [insert nickname here] on the back of his jersey?” or “who is Raptor (Chris Bosh)?”

Anyway, there will be one player who uses the opportunity for a meaningful reason.

Little does anyone know, but Shane Battier‘s last name is not as it appears. When his father was born, the nurse scribbled the last name and only a few letters could be made out. Battier’s father enlisted in the army and when his birth certificate was used for identification, he wasn’t called Battier and couldn’t do anything about it.

What is Battier’s real last name anyway?

Battle is actually the last name of Miami’s veteran and that is exactly what he will wear on January 10. Battier won’t wear it because of the event, but because he wants to honor his heritage and his grandmother who recently passed away.

I would like to take a moment to thank Battier for doing this. This nickname game is an awful idea, but now there will be some meaning.

While everyone runs around the court with meaningless names, Battier will have a small piece of history on his back.

So, when you watch the nickname game and notice the name Battle or someone asks you about it, take a moment to tell the quick story of Battier. It’s a fun little fact in a worthless ploy. You never know, maybe it will be on Jeopardy someday.

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