Someone Has To Speak Up For Struggling Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Kelley L. Cox-USA Today Sports

After suffering a third straight loss in Sacramento by a 107-86 score, the Brooklyn Nets‘ concern meter just keeps getting higher.

That isn’t due to just chemistry issues or homesickness either. This group lacks the most critical characteristic dominant teams have nearly every time they step on the floor: Urgency no matter the opponent’s external appearance.

It was visible against inferior rosters like the Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers and Washington Wizards, and nothing changed once again against the Sacramento Kings as the Nets fell behind by more than 20 to a team that’s been rebuilding a lot longer than former NBA player Kevin Johnson’s been able to call himself the mayor of California’s capitol.

Superstar-jammed teams tend to have regular season letdowns only after raising a banner or two and learning the need to pace themselves for another long postseason run. But just seven games into their first season together, Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez and Paul Pierce are light-years away from getting a pass for having nights like these.

As far as getting on the right track is concerned, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Coach Jason Kidd could gather his players in the locker room and channel his inner Billy Martin.

Owner Mikhail Prokhorov or general manager Billy King could rip the team through the local media to send a message the players will surely get loud and clear.

Or they could go with the good old fashioned players-only meeting – which is usually the most effective way to rally the troops – if it hasn’t already occurred and word didn’t actually leak for once.

Whatever the choice, someone in Brooklyn’s organization needs to speak up soon before it’s too late and that concern meter explodes for good.

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