Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Garnett Needs To Take A Seat

By Mark Wilson

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for Kevin Garnett to go to Jason Kidd as a man and say, “Coach, I know I’m not playing up to my potential and I think it would better the team if I come off the bench.”

We know that’s not going to happen, because ego and pride are tough things to deal with, but when you are playing like like he is, something has to give. Kidd has to look at his team, find the weak link, and handle it. For all that he has done in the NBA, Garnett still has some game left in him, but for some reason, he has not found who he is on the court. His career averages are 19 points, 10 rebounds and one block per. This season, he is averaging six points and seven rebounds per. He is getting the open looks, he just isn’t knocking them down.

Whenever he steps on the court, his opposition outshines him. I don’t know if someone needs to smack him before every game, but his heart doesn’t seem to be in it. If a rebuilding team didn’t want me anymore because they felt I was too old, I would want to prove to them and everyone else that I still had the ability to dominate the game. With his play so far this season, Garnett is proving that the Boston Celtics were right about him.

Garnett was brought in for defense and leadership, and he has provided neither for the Brooklyn Nets. If he can’t score like he use to, then the opportunity is there for him to average more than seven boards a game. Brook Lopez is not a good rebounder for his size, so Garnett should just focus on that end. His one assist per is not great; if you can’t score, then you have four other capable scorers at your disposal to kick the ball to. As a veteran, he should know this. When Garnett has the ball, I see plenty of second guessing and too much thinking instead of doing what comes natural to him.

Its OK if he can’t be the player that he once was — every great player loses it in time. He should just be a professional about it, take one for the team, and sit down.

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