Can Boston Celtics Do Unthinkable?

By Brandon Medeiros
Boston Celtics
Greg M. Cooper-USA Today Sports

Boston is known as the city of champions. From the New England Patriots to the Boston Bruins, every major sports team has won at least one championship.

Adding to the prized collection has most recently been the Boston Red Sox, who as we know, won the World Series this past season. The difference between the Red Sox’ multiple titles and any other Boston sports team was that they came unexpectedly.

Nobody in their right mind expected the Red Sox to win the World Series, let alone make the playoffs. Coming off a disappointing season last year finishing with a 69-93 record along with a last place finish in the AL East, expectations were at an all-time low for Beantown’s finest. Then the ever famous “Beards” started to become a mainstay and the rest is history.

Many like to speculate that the hiring of manager John Farrell made the biggest impact on the team and you can’t blame them as he was a candidate for the Manager of the Year award, ultimately losing to former Sox manager and now Cleveland Indians manager, Terry Francona.

But all of this seems very reminiscent to yet another Boston sports team. They may not be as well known as the Bearded ones, at least not yet, but they have been heavily scrutinized for their offseason transactions and are expected to have a losing (tanking?) season.

After parting ways with head coach Doc Rivers and trading away Celtics legend Paul Pierce and “The Big Ticket” Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston Celtics have begun a fresh chapter in their historic franchise.

The primary task for the Celtics this past offseason was to look for a new head coach who could not only provide leadership to a young and, in some cases, inexperienced basketball team, but to provide stability at the head coaching position for years to come.

The 37-year-old Brad Stevens is your guy.

General manager Danny Ainge made it very clear that Stevens, coming out of Butler University, was their guy all along. Even if Rivers ultimately decided to remain with Boston and finish out the remaining three years on his contract, Stevens would have been the first to be called.

Brad Stevens Boston Celtics
Nelson Chenault-USA Today Sports

Though Ainge may think highly of Stevens, many speculated that he was set up as a scapegoat in order for the Celtics to tank and make a run at the first overall pick (Andrew Wiggins) in this year’s upcoming draft class.

But don’t mention the word “tank” around this energetic bunch as the C’s are off to a 4-6 record and are holding on to third place in the Atlantic Division, ironically, ahead of the 2-5 Nets.

It may still be early in the season, but the Celtics have seemed to have found chemistry, as they most recently came off a four-game winning streak, though, dropping their first four games of the year. Many are already flabbergasted at what the Celtics have been able to accomplish, though, their record may show otherwise. It reminds us a little of what the 2013 Red Sox were able to do.

Now by no means am I calling the Celtics a “championship ready” team, nor do I believe they are even ready to make a deep run into the playoffs, but I do believe that chemistry has a big part in team success and the Red Sox’ success is a prime example of that.

The question is, can the Celtics do the unthinkable? Can they not only prove the doubters wrong and make the playoffs, but win another championship for the city of Boston?

It is all speculation at this point, but if they continue to win games, then it will lead to success in the latter parts of the season. Maybe taking a page out of the Red Sox’ book with a little “Bearded Magic” may help with their championship aspirations as well.

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