Dallas Mavericks Ready for “Battle” vs. Miami Heat

By Elaine J. Dispo
Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

To hype up the Dallas Mavericks’ double-dribble action to the southeast this weekend, I want to say that they’ll “hardwood hustle and flow” in Florida. First, I forecast that they will cool down the Miami Heat. Then they will make a winning appearing act at the Orlando Magic.

Then again, the Heat are not that sizzling hot this season. Both ball clubs will enter Friday night’s game with a 5-3 record from their first eight games this NBA season.

More of that “hoop hype” from the Mavs-Heat matchup comes from their 2006 and 2011 series to win the Finals. As we know, Miami’s pre-“King LeBron” team were crowned as the champions in ’06. Then Dallas took home the Larry O’Brien trophy in ’11.

Since LeBron James joined the ranks of fellow drama king Dwyane Wade, they lucked out with two consecutive championships and let that “game fame” seriously get to their fat heads. The spotlight shined as bright as that florescent floral jacket that Wade wore at a 2012-13 playoffs press conference.

Yes, the Heat beat the Mavs on Christmas Day 2011 (which I attended and was appalled by Miami being ahead by as many as 35 points at one point) following Dallas’ NBA Finals victory and after the league lockout that delayed the start to their season. Yes, the Heat had their sweet defeat over this year’s Western Conference champs, Dallas’ I-35 “compadres” the San Antonio Spurs for Miami’s third time to achieve world championship status.

Yet make no mistake: while the Heat may be world champions their team “leaders” sure as honey are not world class conductors like the Mavs or fellow Texas team “Los Spurs.” They have been known to be pathetic poor sports on the brink of adversity – hence James dodging the media or talking smack – or in showstoppers on social media – hence Wade’s whining on Instagram when Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant suggested that former Thunder teammate James Harden (now of the Houston Rockets) replace Wade on SI’s top 10 NBA ballers list.

Therefore, I hope that the Mavs puts these divos in their place when they face Miami at the American Airlines Arena, where the Heat will sport jerseys with their nicknames — another lame low.

Wade ought to have “Cry Dwy” – hence the first three letters of his first name – on his. Instead, his will boast “Flash,” which is fitting of his aforementioned fashion fail.

However, I would like to extend my props to Miami’s Shane Battier, whose jersey alias will be “Battle,” as in his family’s original last name. In the wake of Veterans Day, I salute Battier’s father, to whom he is paying tribute as he served in the U.S. Army.

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