Detroit Pistons' Brandon Jennings Shows Maturity By Not Responding To JR Smith's Chirping

By Mike Klompstra
Brandon Jennings
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent shoutout to his pals playing basketball overseas, the Detroit Pistons Brandon Jennings put J.R. Smith‘s brother on blast. Jennings tweeted Wednesday about his disbelief that a couple of young ballers aren’t in the NBA while Chris Smith is. Jennings deleted the tweet, but as we’ve learned in the age of technology, once you put something on the internet, it’s on the internet forever. It’s kind of like Vegas, except instead of staying in Vegas, whatever you put on the internet becomes available to all the world forever (Ok, so maybe it’s the exact opposite of Vegas).

Check out Jennings’ tweet below after having it retweeted by Holly MacKenzie from SportsNet:

Whether it was an intentional insult or an inadvertent misnomer, it certainly rubbed the New York Knicks shooting guard the wrong way. Smith promptly responded with a rash of tweets, including this initial one, once the Knicks wrapped up their game:

The ranting raged on through Thursday when Smith retweeted this gem from his brother:

He also had another tweet threatening to send his “street homies” to make a visit to Detroit; that one has since been removed. Leave it to J.R. to make another player seem like the most mature person in the world, regardless of their behavior.

Jennings’ removal of his tweet could be construed in two different ways. First, he could be perceived as fickle and quick to spea-, or, tweet, without thinking of the consequences. This wouldn’t be a sign of maturity, however, I think it would be more accurate to see this as a direct reflection of Jennings’ maturity — at least compared to J.R., but that isn’t saying much. Upon realizing how insulting his tweet was, he decided to remove it. It appears his intention was to show some love to a couple of younger players who are working hard overseas, something an experienced Jennings can relate to. While his tweet certainly wasn’t a compliment to either of the Smiths, it doesn’t seem that a direct attack on them was his intention.

Of course, this didn’t stop either of the Smith brothers from going completely overboard and treating Jennings’ original comment as a declaration of war. If you are a fan of the Pistons, you have to be happy about how Jennings handled the situation, not letting it balloon into a much bigger deal — at least not publicly. Even though it was his comments that set the entire confrontation (tweetfrontation?) off, he chose not to respond once Smith decided to take it to another level.

On a side note, this should make Nov. 19’s game between Detroit and New York all the more interesting.

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