Fan Goes Too Far With Full Michael Jordan Back Tattoo

By Andrew Fisher
Michael Jordan
USA Today Sports

Tribute tattoos are a pretty popular thing. In fact, I’d say a good majority of tattoos pay tribute to something. It could be a loved one, your favorite place or a favorite movie. Whatever floats your boat. But one sports fan has taken the concept of a tribute tattoo to the next level.

Check out this full Michael Jordan back tattoo:

Michael Jordan Back Tattoo

I don’t know whether to call that thing creepy or awesome. It’s actually a little bit of both. You have to give the artist credit, because it’s mostly some dang good tattoo work. The image of Jordan on the left hand side is spot on. So is the Bulls logo in the middle and the Jumpman symbol towards the top. I’m not sure how I feel about the winged-basketball piece in the middle of his back or how I feel about the name from the back of a Jordan jersey. I think he should go back in and touch up the letters to give them more depth.

But overall, this tattoo is pretty cool. You would have to pay me lots of cash to get something like this done, but let’s face it – it could be worse. There are tattoo concepts that are far dumber than this and full back pieces that are a lot less well done.

The all important question here – how would MJ react if he saw this? I’m going to guess that the G.O.A.T. would roll his eyes in a big way.


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