Kobe Bryant's Influence on NBA Leads to Andre Iguodala's Game Winning Shot

By Ian Meredith

It turns out all NBA players yell “Kobe!” when making a game winning shot. Don’t believe me? Ask Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala.

As the most exciting game of the regular season so far was being played between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, it looked like Russell Westbrook had sealed up the game with mere seconds to go. That’s when Iguodala decided otherwise, and mimicked a move done by Kobe Bryant thousands of times to put down the buzzer beater and win the game. After the game, Iguodala admitted that the play broke down and he decided to improvise. It worked out.

After the game he was quoted saying, “That wasn’t the play. The play was for me to get it, fake hand-off, and then look for my shot. But they switched, Thabo is a great defender, he denied me top side. I took a page out of Kobe’s book, cutting backdoor. The baseline shot, I’ve seen it a million times, it worked for me once.”

It worked, and it worked well. Last night’s game was a look into what will be surely be an exciting future playoff series.

Bryant is getting closer and closer to a return date as the month of November chugs along, and Los Angeles Lakers fans everywhere will soon get to see Bryant cutting backdoor for game winning shots instead of having to watch other NBA stars pull it off. Regardless of who’s shaking and baking, it sure is fun to watch Bryant’s influence on the game.

Props to Iguodala for making it, and props to him for going “Kobe!” while he did it.

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