Toronto Raptors Forward Rudy Gay Gets a Win in His Return to Memphis

By Dave Daniels
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Rudy Gay recently made his first return to Memphis in a different jersey and he left town with a win and hopefully some of his favorite barbecue as well.

Thanks to the tweet below for the news, and at the time it seemed as though the parting was mutually appreciated although not by head coach Lionel Hollins who you will notice is not around anymore. That is just the way the cookie crumbles folks.

Honestly thought Hollins’ firing was a bit silly. I know GMs like to hire their own guys, but at the same time really believe the Grizzlies gave up an asset in Hollins. They could end up missing him down the line, and it will be interesting to keep track of whether Hollins ever decides to get back into coaching. Randy Wittman’s replacement anybody? It might be a bit too early for that, but maybe if the playoffs seem to start slipping out of reach.

The Grizzlies did not appear to miss Gay in the playoffs though and got all the way to the Western Conference Finals. You have to wonder if they would have gotten over the hump if they had not traded him, but hindsight really means nothing at this point.

Gay is probably happy to be the main man on his team, but do not see him or the Raptors winning a lot of games this season. They would be in the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes though if things happen to start going south in the loss column.

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