Brandon Jennings Admits Basketball was Never Top Focus when with Milwaukee Bucks

By Michael Terrill
Brandon Jennings Admits Basketball was Never Top Focus when with Milwaukee Bucks
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Brandon Jennings never played up to his capabilities or tried to play the point guard position the correct way when he was with the Milwaukee Bucks. With that being said, it stings that much more when he admitted that basketball was never his top focus while with his former team.

“I just realized that I had to get back to focusing on basketball,” Jennings said, according to Yahoo! Sports. “Basketball had to be the No. 1 priority like it was in high school for me. The first four years in Milwaukee it really wasn’t.

“I got a little fame [with] the 55-point game, getting to the playoffs here and there. I lost focus on what was most important.”

In Jennings’ defense, general manager John Hammond constantly tried to rebuild the roster during the point guard’s four years in Milwaukee. Nonetheless, the fact that Jennings, who was the face of the franchise, didn’t give it his all every time he stepped on the court really hurts the Wisconsin fans.

Watching him throw up ridiculous shot attempts and not opening up plays for his teammates, as a point guard should, was always frustrating. The fact that he did it because he really wasn’t interested in the development of his game or the improvement of the team just shows that his selfish style of basketball stems far beyond the court.

It’s hard for fans to see that the Bucks are a far better team without Jennings because of the massive amount of injuries the organization has endured to begin the 2013-14 NBA season. However, there is no question Milwaukee will benefit with far better defensive point guards who aren’t afraid to sacrifice themselves to set up plays for their teammates.

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