Hawks vs. Knicks Game Preview, TV Schedule and Betting Lines

By Dave Daniels
Carmelo Anthony
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks are favored in this one at home against the Atlanta Hawks, and they should be (-4). They are coming off of a pretty sharp performance against the bearded one James Harden, in which Carmelo Anthony was fouled on a three pointer near the buzzer that Melo ended up making in spectacular fashion that merited a couple rewinds on the DVR.

The only problem? The refs did not call continuation (as they should have), and the Knicks were left with a sour taste in their mouths.

So Expect ‘Melo to come out like a bull in a china shop in this one and lead the Knicks to an early lead that they should be able to hold onto at home. Al Horford will put up a good effort as well, but it will not be enough for the Hawks.

Just cannot see the Knicks losing this game, and though favored by four still expect them to cover the spread because of some three point shooting in the fourth quarter. Also just FYI the game tips off at 7:30 EST just in time for the end of happy hour in the midwest.

This is just my opinion folks, so just be advised that generally avoid angry tweeters so it is kind of a waste of time to tweet the rage at me. Intelligence and passion are always welcome though and best of luck out there. These articles are kind of a new experiment here at Rant Sports so constructive feedback is always welcome.

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