The Los Angeles Clippers Take A Gamble With Lamar Odom Signing

By Brian Anderson
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers just took one big gamble with the re-signing of Lamar Odom. Odom has seen a lot of negative publicity over the last year, mostly stemming from drug abuse and an estranged relationship with his celebrity spouse Khloe Kardashian. Basketball seemed like the last thing on Odom’s mind. Reports say that the former NBA champion has been working out and staying in shape; waiting for a team like the Clippers to take a chance on him.

Odom has a chance at redemption in the newest chapter of his roller-coaster life. Odom should be extremely grateful that a team of the Clippers’ caliber are even thinking about picking him up. This will surely serve as Odom’s last shot to continue his NBA career and end it on a good note. Odom is instantly thrown into the title mix as the Clipper’s are getting better with each game they play. Their most notable victory was Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I think it may have actually been better for Odom to play for a team in a city with a less prominent drug-scene. Odom should be trying his best to avoid the cameras; signing with the Clippers shows that he still has a lust for the fast-life. I wonder how many teams were interested in him. It is possible that the Clippers were the only team that showed interest, but I doubt it, even with all his recent trouble. Signing to a team in a more low-key city would of been the smarter move, but any move for Odom is a good one at this point.

His latest stint in the NBA probably won’t repair the damaged relationship between Odom and his wife, but it will give him a reason to turn things around. Nobody wants to be remembered as some crazy crack-smoking ex-NBA player. Odom is better than that and he has a chance to prove that as a member of the Clippers. Head coach Doc Rivers is the perfect person to keep Odom from getting out of line. MVP candidate Chris Paul will also be there to make sure Odom doesn’t slip up, making sure his focus is 100 percent on basketball.

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